Italian Mafia Rules

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Italian Mafia Rules

Post  matt_pheonix on Mon Jul 21, 2008 2:57 am

Following are the rules and regulations, that must be followed by every member of the Commodity.
1. All members of the commodity must wear the traditional mafia suits.
2. Show respect to all of your respective commodity members and allies.
3. Always follow the instructions of your leaders and high ranking officers.
4. Your not allowed to shoot at anyone without any reason if done so he will be expelled from the commodity and shall be added in the hit list.
5. Show respect to every Admin if you have any consult regarding the admin directly contact me and your issue shall be resolved.
6.Any member showing disobedience to the leader or the high ranking officer shall be dealt with strict consequences.
7. Your allowed to use drastic measures (any means necessary) when a condition is raised.
8. All the members applying for this commodity must submit an application with correct format as told in the forum
9. All members shall be required to pass a test taken from them driving,shooting and evading pursuits
These are all the rules and regulations followed by every member of the Italian Mafia.
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